Thursday, May 27, 2010

Hyper Erotic Electronic

I like this place. Why? Look at the name. It's 1 "Erotica", meaning the stories sold here are sexual sizzlers. No need for plowing through endless offerings of fluff in order to find tales that are written with your genitalia in mind, and best of all, 1EroticaEbooks searches for and hoards hordes of femdom / maledom / male bondage and hero worship fiction. Right up my alley, and I suspect, yours as well. 

So, because I've chosen exclusively for listing most of my e-book-version Jasper McCutcheon titles, and because their service department is efficiently geared to making their customers, and therefore me, happy, I will be listing on a weekly basis three of their hottest new releases. Let's get busy, shall we?

B.J. Scott

The cover alone gives me a hard. This is male/male, short stories with bdsm, fetish, multiple partners and voyeurism. Click title link to see cover and read excerpt.

Selena Kitt
Here's a subject you don't see fictionalized often. Shaving for sexual tittilation. It's hetero. It's cleverly written by this popular and talented author. See it and read a snippet from title link.

Jennifer Campbell
Ah, yes, here we go... ancient Rome! The title says it. This woman will stop at nothing to seize power and control strong men within the Empire. Click title link for cover and excerpt.

That's it for this week. Please do visit this new E-book site. Their titles are logically categorized and organized to help you find erotica in styles to your liking.

Yours truly,
Jack McCutcheon

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