Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Let's Play the Ponies

It's a trifecta, three winners with lucrative payouts, reading-wise, ebook-wise, from our pals at 1EROTICAEBOOKS.COM ... Click title links to see covers and read excerpts.

And they're off.

Pony Play

J.M. Snyder

His fingers rubbed along my cheek, my chin, below. I found myself leaning into his touch, letting my head slip back like a pampered pet so he could stroke my neck and chest. Between my legs, my cock began to stir for the first time all day as those fingers danced over the straps of my tack and massaged my nipples, lower, my abdomen, lower. They brushed over the fabric of my jock that now strained across the beginnings of an erection and moved down one thigh to the knee, over to the other leg and back up again. The second time they found my crotch, all pretense disappeared, and Phillip closed his fist around my now aching dick as he concentrated on the cuts and bruises on my back.

"You like that?" he murmured into my ear. I nodded, eyes closed against his ministrations. He worked me hard, his fingers sliding over the jock as they followed the shape of my shaft, easing a few times between my thighs to rub at my sheathed balls. "How could someone be so cruel to you?" he wanted to know. "You're just a skittish little colt."

My eyes flew open. So we were still playing that game. But if it kept him touching me, I'd be a pony. I'd be anything he wanted, anything at all, if it meant his hands on my body, his breath on my cheek.

The Great Ponygirl Race

John Savage

He laid out the straps on the pole next to the ponygirl. Taking one, he bent it in half to make a loop in the center. That part he put over her head. "Open your mouth." She obeyed, but with apprehension in her eyes. He inserted the leather strap into the open mouth and tied it behind her head, leaving the ends trailing down to almost her bound hands. Then he tied two more straps to that around her head and ran them back to the seat.

This time he started out holding both reins in his hands. For a short distance he let her go straight, but then he pulled back on the left rein. It was then he saw the fault in his system. Both reins were tied to mouth strap at the center of her head. When he pulled on either, all it did was to pull her head back. A little experimentation showed that for her to be able to tell which direction he was pulling, he had to hold his hands as wide apart as he could. And even then it did not work very well, because mostly she was feeling her head being pulled back, the normal command for a horse to slow down or halt. This was unsatisfactory.

He ordered her to a stop, and dismounted to walk her back to the starting point.

"Mary, would you please put her away in the stable," he asked. "I have some work to do."

Allison's Training

Jennifer Campbell

Allison and Nick have been together for a while, but the relationship is strained, as the self-absorbed Allison feels her man is changing. He invites her to spend a weekend at his family's horse farm in the wilds of Maine, and as a former equestrian in college, Allison is excited to get back in the saddle again. On the drive up they play an erotic game of dominance that makes Allison wonder about her man and herself, but in the end she orgasms after playing the game.

When they arrive at the farm, things are not as Allison thought they would be, as she is seized and disrobed by the strong farmhands and Nick doesn't lift a finger to stop them. What lies in store for flaxen-haired Allison at Laughlin Farm, and can she find the inner strength to survive it.

That's it for this week. Did I mention the Customer Service department at 1EroticaEbooks actually consider the readers's satisfaction to be their number one priority? I did? Well, blow me down. I guess that's why we like their operation.
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