Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Hot July Weekly Picks

Three newbies to close out July
are this week's features at

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Stella Frye

When three beautiful women approached Bobby, he could hardly believe his luck. He had no idea what they really wanted, but he was soon being put through rigorous sex training. No man had yet come up to the standards they required for their permanent sex slave. Perhaps Bobby would be the first.

K. Lyn

Winnie really doesn’t want to baby-sit this summer, but there is little else available for a twenty year old. When Winnie arrives at the huge Collins mansion, she is surprised that a man of only twenty-five owns such a lavish estate. Mr. Collins gives Winnie a Mercedes to drive, and lots of free time to do whatever she chooses. Winnie gives little thought to what Mr. Collins does for a living, until he discovers her swimming naked in his pool.

Cherry Lee

Sometimes a girl just needs a little petting…and maybe a spanking with a rolled up newspaper.

Sabrina is a workaholic corporate lawyer whose staff considers her a real pit bull. Little do they know about the bitch in her waiting to be awakened. When she meets Brian at a friend’s wedding, the photographer sees the suppressed submissive side in her eyes. His dominating personality brings her inner puppy out to play.

The two engage in some serious master/pet role playing and Sabrina’s inhibitions and stress evaporate under Brian’s command. She comes to crave the release his training gives her. But when they attend an extreme erotic party, Sabrina sees herself with fresh eyes and begins to question the role she has so easily accepted. Can she balance her real world persona with her desire to be caged and humiliated?

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