Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Vote in the annual LRC Awards

Voting for the LRC's "Best of 2009" Awards begins on FEBRUARY 15th and ends on FEBRUARY 22nd.

I’m up for three

EdgeofDesperation Best Sci Fi/Futuristic Book:

The Edge of Desperation (Jason Edding and James Buchanan-MLR)


fadedbike Best GBLT author 2009

James Buchanan


Personal Demons Best Mystery/Suspense 2009

Personal Demons (James Buchanan-MLR)

To vote:
Email  dawn_roberto AT yahoo DOT com with "LRC's "BEST OF 2009" Awards" in subject. If this is not in the subject it will not be counted. You are to vote from the nominee list on your pick. The list will be up in our loop files under "LRC Best of award nominees 2009".

All entries are to be in by 2/23/2010. Any entries received after that will NOT be counted and automatically deleted.

Here’s a NWS Excerpt from Beyond Duty in Edge of Desperation


Qc4, Pc7, P1, D2


Alad woke smelling guy. Actually one guy, right up in his face. A deep breath drew in scents of the previous night's horizontal calisthenics. He yawned and felt a soft prick slide against his cheek. That rated opening his eyes. Oh yeah, right there, Hirah's cock lay soft against Hirah's furry thigh. Of course, pisk, how did he end up crammed down at the bottom of the bunk? These racks weren't made with his bulk in mind. At least his bulk plus a lean lieutenant.

With a quick glance, Alad checked the chrono panel. He had about twenty clicks before he and Ninda sprang their little surprise on the troops. Just enough time for a real reveille. Alad blew across Hirah's prick. Hirah mumbled something and shifted.

Alad moved in closer, sucked that soft, warm skin into his mouth. He heard Hirah grunt and felt his leg go tense. Alad kept sucking. Nothing equaled feeling Hirah's prick swelling between his lips. Hirah's hands ran over his skull, pushing him down. Alad took him deep, licking and sucking the meat in his mouth, until Hirah's cock was at attention.

"Seppe!" Hips bucking into the kiss, Hirah groaned out, "Swing that aft end over here. That's an order."

No way would he ignore a direct order—especially not one that promised what Hirah's did. Still swallowing Hirah's prick, Alad got up on his hands and knees. Hirah tugged on his legs as Alad shuffled over. Then it was Alad's turn to moan as Hirah sucked Alad's aching prick into his mouth. They worked each other hard, almost like it was a race to see who could make who blow first. The back of Alad's thighs frosted over with chills.

Hirah broke off a moment. Alad groaned again when a spit slick thumb pressed against his hole. He shuddered under the dual sensation of getting finger fucked while Hirah nuzzled his balls.

Alad sucked harder. He reveled in the feel of Hirah's prick sliding over his tongue. The musky taste rated higher than any wakeup juice on the market. Heat built in his gut as Hirah pumped his ass and started sucking on his cock again. The whole thing melded together into one massive ball of pleasure sparking through him. It didn't take long, not that early in the morning. Alad shook. He pulled off Hirah's prick and groaned. Hirah swallowed him as Alad's balls let loose.

A few quick breaths and Alad recovered his wits. He sucked Hirah down with determination. Bracing himself of his elbows, with one hand Alad massaged Hirah's sac. The other matched the pace of his mouth along Hirah's thick cock. Arching his back, Hirah jerked off the mattress. He hissed out, "Fuck!" as cum boiled out of his cock. Alad gagged for a second and then caught his breath. He swallowed all that thick, bitter spunk.

Panting, Alad dropped onto his side and then rolled onto his back. Give him that kind of wakeup juice every morning and Alad'd die happy. ‘Course, he couldn't stay there and revel. Alad looked over at the chrono again. Three clicks before Ninda came looking for his ass. Alad grunted and sat up. Yawning, he ran one hand over the fuzz carpeting his scalp. That he followed with a spine popping stretch.

As he swung out of the bunk, Hirah slapped his ass and asked, "What's the roster for the morning look like?"

Alad scrounged for his gray short-sleeved tee and light-weight fatigues. He'd stashed a set in Hirah's quarters the night before. "Ninda and I—" He found the fatigues first, stepped into them and yanked the pants up over his ass before continuing. "Scheduled a physical training endurance-formation run."

"Sounds like a walk in the park." Hirah swung his legs over the bunk and rolled his neck. "Time to rattle and wake 'em?"

As he jerked the shirt over his head, Alad asked, "You're coming?"

"Wouldn't miss it." Hirah slapped Alad's thigh and then hit the button popping his rack back up into the ceiling recess. "Need to keep fit."

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Holiday of Love . . . Unrequited

Unrequited love, oh yes, we've all felt its sting.

When your friends point out that you're crushing on your straight neighbor or co-worker, do you deny it? Worse yet, do you inwardly swoon from that celebratory slap on the ass that gets you all worked up, when your obviously heterosexual tennis buddy just can't seem to contain his excitement in the win. What if the tables were turned?

I'm uncertain how the majority of heterosexuals would react if their Gay or Bi friend made a pass or let a fragment of what one was feeling slip. I could only hope it would be favorably . . . indifferent, at best, though I have my own experiences to prove otherwise.

I think my self-proclaimed "straight boy" is the exception. At least, I'm proud of his actions and reactions in the face of such advances. One recent event had me a bit troubled for the "other guy," though. Seems our Zack is quite the charmer.

Out of three adult boys . . . I guess, that would be, young men . . . Zack ended up straight (poor thing). But that hasn't slowed the onslaught of wanna-be beaus. I just didn't realize he was so desirable to such a wide array of candidates, until I discovered "the love letter". Seems, one of his best friends from high school has taken a liking to Zack, and unlike me (and I'm sure, many of you), this friend is far from, shall we say . . . shy about his intentions.

"You have a boyfriend?!" It's not every day that your straight son shows you a love letter from a guy; I had to ask.

"Another wanna-be," he told me.

"You have more than one chasing you?"

"Well . . . yeah. Just not all guys."


To speed things up, Zack informed me that he wanted to let the guy down easy, because he didn't want to hurt his feelings. I thought that was kind of lame, but to each his own way. Come to find out, the young man in question is one of Zack's best friends and Zack did not want to stop being friends, just wasn't sexually interested in the guy.

"What are you going to do, then?"

"Dunno," he told me, matter of factly.

"So . . . think maybe you're--"

"No. He's just a really nice guy. I'm straight."


Anyway, Zack spent the good part of the last month and a half on the phone every night with his friend/wanna-be more-than-friend. I did question whether or not he thought he was doing the right thing by not being straightforward as I'd hate for him to lead the guy on only to crush his feelings in the end. Zack assured me he was handling the situation the best way he saw fit.

In the end, Zack's friend came out of the ordeal unscathed--almost. "I'll just have to get over you, I guess" were his friend's words--or so Zack informed me later.

"Still friends?" I asked.


"You handled that well," I told him. "Weirded out by it or anything?" My curiosity to know what was going on inside got to me.

"Nah," he said. "I look at it like this: I got both girls and guys chasing me."


"I must be that good."

My only thought: Well, the apple certainly didn't fall far from the tree there.

Anyway, here's a little candy I snagged online (can't remember where, but if you recognize it, give me a shout so I can credit you).

Have a wonderful Valentine's Day!

Bryl R. Tyne is a wrangler by nature and a writer by choice, published with Noble Romance Publishing, Ravenous Romance, Dreamspinner Press, and STARbooks Press. You can find out more about Bryl at:

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Monday, February 8, 2010


Tales from the Underground, my new collection of erotic fiction and non-fiction from MLR Press, is getting close to coming out...fingers crossed for March, but for sure in April. Check out the wonderful cover from artist Deana Jamroz.

I wanted to write about people who were not just out, but out there, people who lived their sexual lives in ways most of us could only imagine…and for whom the flavor vanilla had absolutely no appeal. I interviewed porn stars, prostitutes, self-proclaimed sex pigs, and delved into bizarre sexual practices. It was eye-opening, arousing, and a lot of fun (but never, never good clean fun). I also include here my favorite dirty stories. They all explore a side of life that exists not in the twilight zone, but in my favorite destination…the sexual underground.

Fill it to the Rim…
Ask your mother, or any of your straight friends, to use the word “rim” in a sentence as a verb and they may be hard pressed to come up with a response. Oh sure, Mom might say, “Grandma’s lovely mixing bowl was rimmed in fleur-de-lis.” But for the most part, your straight friends probably think of the word rim as a noun.
But ask your gay brethren and you’ll come up with an entirely different response. The rim of their favorite coffee cup is probably the last thing to come to their filthy little minds when that particular three-letter word arises in conversation. “Rimming” or “tossing a salad” are just a couple of metaphors for the act known less delicately as “eating butt” or for those of a more clinical semantic bent, analingus.

But how safe is putting your tongue where the sun don’t shine? Once again, I will reiterate my claim, before I go any further, that I am not a doctor, nor have I ever even played one on TV, so what I say here should not be construed as medical advice. It’s only the results of my own feeble research into the topic that I present here, so take it with a grain of salt…or a shot of penicillin…or a hepatitis vaccination. Which brings me to my first point: hepatitis. Other than winding up with a shit-eating grin, your biggest risk when it comes to rimming is contracting hepatitis, A or B, maybe even C. Face it, butt munchers, the easiest way to get hepatitis is through fecal matter and you’re bound to come into contact with some if you go sticking your nose (and your mouth) in a loved one’s butthole, however tight, pink, hairy or beautiful that little rosebud may be. The good news here is that you can allay many of your worries by visiting your doctor and getting yourself vaccinated against the dreaded virus(es). Then you can munch away with abandon, bearing in mind that you have not been vaccinated against other nasty little critters you could pick up this way, like parasites. As with most any gestures of affection, you must weigh the risks and benefits of any such display and decide what is right for you. Keeping your nose out of others’ business is your decision, as an educated consumer. 

You may be wondering about that old bugaboo we hear so much about these days: HIV. From what I’ve learned, rimming is not all that likely to give you the dreaded virus, provided you have a healthy mouth (no cuts, sores, blisters, icky gums, etc.) and he has a clean ass free from any sores, rips or cuts. We won’t even get into felching here. 

I guess when it comes to tossing a salad, cleaning the kitchen, or whatever fanciful term you choose to dress up your taste for butt with, the key words are common sense and caution.

So, dear ones, I close with two clich├ęs: bottoms up! And bon appetit!