Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Twilight's Last Gleaming

Twilight might be a visual feast, but reading vampire erotica can stimulate for countless moons to come. 1EroticaEbooks has got the vampires you're looking for, and here are three picks for our weekly sizzlers. Click title links for info and excerpts.

Elliott Mabeuse

Naked from the waist up, she was aware only of his eyes now, and of something he saw inside her, of a part of her she’d always been dimly aware of but that now lit up so that it obscured something else. It was a secret of hers—something her grandmother had told her, and she felt it now under the vampire’s eyes with starling clarity, a memory from twenty years ago. She smelled the old woman’s powder, saw the fussy wallpaper in the room, and felt once again a child’s frightened and impatient emotions as her grandmother pressed something into her hands, and told her to keep it, keep it and learn it. Remember it, for it was hers, only hers. And she had, and now Szandor was here for it. It had been real and her grandmother had been right. Szandor was here for it and she had it for him, waiting, waiting all these years…

And then it was gone and Szandor Arnyak had her in his arms, his hands at the belt of her skirt.

Oh God, Szandor wait! I can’t just do it like this! Like an animal, like a common whore. There has to be some respect, some tenderness—”

But he wasn't listening. He had her skirt open, the belt, the zipper in the back, the top pushed down, For his size and his power he worked with incredible grace and finesse, his fingers barely touching her, and with a deft sweep of his hand, her skirt and slip were gone and she was lying there on the sunken bed in stockings, panties and garters, still arguing with him though the conversation had long since been decided.

No, he said finally, silencing her. He stared directly into her eyes, and his eyes were glowing. “For this you are my whore, Lydia. You are precisely a whore for me!”

Alexander Renault

Cuthbert is an immortal, gay, and sexually ravenous member of the undead.

Historically accurate, Soul Kiss tells an enthralling story set against backdrops of differing cultures from ancient Egypt to the Greco-Roman era, from medieval Cornwall to Civil War Philadelphia, as Cuthbert searches for identity through erotic pleasure. From musings on existential questioning to the value of immortality itself, Renault guides his reader through a gripping maze of passion, lust, and sexual obsession. The tale of Cuthbert’s journey ends in modern America at a dwelling on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean. After a series of emotionally empty sexual encounters, Cuthbert must face the truth of what he has for so long been searching -- who he is and what it means to be both gay and immortal. The renowned contemporary poet Antler says Alexander Renault's work shows a "heightened eros awareness." We think you'll agree.

Max Griffin

Gabe can't keep up with his lover, Luke. Athletic and driven, Luke planned their holiday camping on Slain's Peak. Gabe, sensitive and quiet, hoped for a week of hot sex under the stars. But nothing on the vacation turns out as intended. From Gabe's hidden drug use, to an unexpected snowstorm, to a sudden illness that befalls Luke, it's a disaster. When all seems lost, a mystery man appears from nowhere and rescues the two, leading them to his home in the depths of the mountain. That's when the dark mysteries lurking in Slain's Peak surface, and everything changes forever for the two lovers.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Let's Play the Ponies

It's a trifecta, three winners with lucrative payouts, reading-wise, ebook-wise, from our pals at 1EROTICAEBOOKS.COM ... Click title links to see covers and read excerpts.

And they're off.

Pony Play

J.M. Snyder

His fingers rubbed along my cheek, my chin, below. I found myself leaning into his touch, letting my head slip back like a pampered pet so he could stroke my neck and chest. Between my legs, my cock began to stir for the first time all day as those fingers danced over the straps of my tack and massaged my nipples, lower, my abdomen, lower. They brushed over the fabric of my jock that now strained across the beginnings of an erection and moved down one thigh to the knee, over to the other leg and back up again. The second time they found my crotch, all pretense disappeared, and Phillip closed his fist around my now aching dick as he concentrated on the cuts and bruises on my back.

"You like that?" he murmured into my ear. I nodded, eyes closed against his ministrations. He worked me hard, his fingers sliding over the jock as they followed the shape of my shaft, easing a few times between my thighs to rub at my sheathed balls. "How could someone be so cruel to you?" he wanted to know. "You're just a skittish little colt."

My eyes flew open. So we were still playing that game. But if it kept him touching me, I'd be a pony. I'd be anything he wanted, anything at all, if it meant his hands on my body, his breath on my cheek.

The Great Ponygirl Race

John Savage

He laid out the straps on the pole next to the ponygirl. Taking one, he bent it in half to make a loop in the center. That part he put over her head. "Open your mouth." She obeyed, but with apprehension in her eyes. He inserted the leather strap into the open mouth and tied it behind her head, leaving the ends trailing down to almost her bound hands. Then he tied two more straps to that around her head and ran them back to the seat.

This time he started out holding both reins in his hands. For a short distance he let her go straight, but then he pulled back on the left rein. It was then he saw the fault in his system. Both reins were tied to mouth strap at the center of her head. When he pulled on either, all it did was to pull her head back. A little experimentation showed that for her to be able to tell which direction he was pulling, he had to hold his hands as wide apart as he could. And even then it did not work very well, because mostly she was feeling her head being pulled back, the normal command for a horse to slow down or halt. This was unsatisfactory.

He ordered her to a stop, and dismounted to walk her back to the starting point.

"Mary, would you please put her away in the stable," he asked. "I have some work to do."

Allison's Training

Jennifer Campbell

Allison and Nick have been together for a while, but the relationship is strained, as the self-absorbed Allison feels her man is changing. He invites her to spend a weekend at his family's horse farm in the wilds of Maine, and as a former equestrian in college, Allison is excited to get back in the saddle again. On the drive up they play an erotic game of dominance that makes Allison wonder about her man and herself, but in the end she orgasms after playing the game.

When they arrive at the farm, things are not as Allison thought they would be, as she is seized and disrobed by the strong farmhands and Nick doesn't lift a finger to stop them. What lies in store for flaxen-haired Allison at Laughlin Farm, and can she find the inner strength to survive it.

That's it for this week. Did I mention the Customer Service department at 1EroticaEbooks actually consider the readers's satisfaction to be their number one priority? I did? Well, blow me down. I guess that's why we like their operation.
Yours truly,
Jack (for Jasper) McCutcheon

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Written Expressions of Erotica

This week, welcomes a publisher of tantalizing tales teeming with sexy characters who demand attention. Three picks from Written Expressions. Click title links to see books and excerpts.

Strip Club

Ana Star

For their second anniversary of being together, Alex takes Dahlia to a strip club named Liquid Gold. There they meet Lolita, a beautiful brunette dancer who ignites their sexual desires and passion for one another. Will they leave satisfied or beg for more?

Red Ridin'

Milena Gomez

Erotic Fairytales

Tomboy Priscilla, better known as Little Red, wants to break free. She's not so little anymore and she wants to experience pleasures unknown to her.

Matt Wolf wants one thing and one thing only. He wants Little Red in his bed and he knows how to get it, even though he'd failed to do so.

Jason Hunter knows that protecting Little Red is something he was born to do, even without Little Red's consent or her grandmother's endless plea to protect her, he would always do so. But when Little Red proves to have other plans for Wolf and him, things get complicated and Hunter cannot seem to say no to her advances.

One woman, two men. One hot tale of ridin' men.

Tempting The Dom [Sex Stones: April-Diamond]

Dakota Trace

Sex Stones

The ink on Adalia Diamonte's private investigator license is barely dry when world renowned jeweler, Bathilda Schmidt hires her. Bathilda wants her to find a ‘one of a kind’ marquise diamond ring which has gone missing. Addie's excited about her first job until she finds out the man suspected of taking it is none other than Domhnall "Dom" O'Shanahan. Her past with the sensual and demanding Dom had her fleeing his side. Not because he scared her - because she had wanted him with every fiber of her being – but because he demanded that she give herself to him – mind, body & soul.

Dom knew what he wanted and he wasn't above using his friend Bathilda to get exactly what he wanted. He's tired of Addie running from him. When she sneaks into his mansion wearing a harem girl costume with a local belly dancer group, his lust is aroused and he sets out to make their reunion a reality. But this time he won't let her fears keep her from giving herself to him.

Jasper says, "A triple-play of spring offerings at summer temperatures."

Monday, June 14, 2010


Zagzagel Diaries, The: DESPERATE
The poor guardian angel Zagzagel. Every time he thinks he’s making progress getting his charges to accept who they are and what they want out of life one of them goes off the deep end.

In this, the third Diary entry, Zagzagel’s got his hands full again. 

This time around, his charge is having to deal with an overly-religious father, fears of going to Hell and his growing attraction to his roommate. All of this can add up to a lot of pressure on a person, and Zagzagel soon finds his charge is looking to fix the situation in a manner that’s sure to make Big Papa mighty upset. Things are looking desperate indeed…
If you’re new to the world of Zagzagel the Guardian Angel, you couldn’t have picked a better time to read. In honor of the release of the third short story in the series, Untreed Reads is offering a 20% discount on the first two Diary entries. You can pick up either “Forsaken” or “Denial” at the discounted price from The Untreed Reads Store,,, and
Zagzagel Diaries: Denial

You can also get the discounts at Smashwords. Use coupon code LX83V for “Forsaken” and EH67W for “Denial.” Offer expires at midnight PST on June 30th.

The Diary Entries don’t need to be read in any specific order, so enjoy them all. All titles in the series are available from most ebook retailers in the most popular formats, including the Kindle.

Sausage King Smart

I suppose it's easy to poke fun at Jimmy Dean and his overblown, down-home, cornball image. Since his death on Sunday, there's been plenty of snide remarks all over the web, but the way I see it, he was none of those things.
Consider this: Jimmy Dean took a rather average singing voice, parlayed it into a five-week chart-topper, which led to his own network television show and movie roles, which led to his building a million-dollar food empire. Not bad for a cornball, eh?

Here's a mini-biography, courtesy of David Hinckley at the New York Daily News, as is the photo.

His first pop recordings, in 1957, included "Little Sandy Sleighfoot," a touching Christmas story about an elf who was 4 feet tall with feet that were 3 feet 3 inches long.

The other elves made fun of him, naturally, until he discovered he could ski without skis. So the night the stable burned, he was able to race down the hill and save the reindeer.

It wasn't a big hit. It was a great template.

Four years later Dean's moment finally came around: "Big Bad John," a No. 1 hit for five weeks in late 1961.

Big Bad John, for those born too late to remember, was a mysterious miner who "stood 6 foot 6, weighed 245." No one knew much about him until the day the mine shaft collapsed, trapping 21 men underground. Everyone else started crying. John "grabbed a sagging timber, gave out with a groan, and like a giant oak tree just stood there alone." And then?

"Twenty men scrambled from a would-be grave and now there's only one left down there to save -- Big John."

That, alas, didn't happen. But the survivors did place a marble stone in front of "that worthless pit" and it read, "At the bottom of this mine lies a big, big man -- Big John."

Admit it. There's a lump in your throat.

Nor did Dean stop there.

His follow-up was "Dear Ivan," a melodramatic recitation set to the tune for "The Battle Hymn of the Republic." It called on his Russian counterpart to recognize how much the average person of the U.S. and the Soviet Union really shared, despite the tensions of the Cold War.

A year later he recorded "P.T. 109," a romantic account of the World War II drama of then-President John F. Kennedy.

Then in 1976 he returned with "I.O.U.," a recitation thanking his mother, and mothers everywhere.

He never had a hit to match "Big Bad John." He didn't have to. That song raised his profile high enough for ABC to give him a variety show, which in turn enabled him to launch the restaurants and the sausage.

Nor did we begrudge him any of it. He made it all look as easy as shucking corn.

My final note: shucking corn isn't easy, and I admire Jimmy Dean for his over-achieving accomplishments.

Yours truly,
Jack (for Jasper) McCutcheon

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Femdom Festival at 1EroticaEbooks

Foaming at the mouth over ferocious females, I feel no guilt fawning over the fully-stocked files of femdom fiction featured at 1EroticaEbooks.

For real, they are quickly becoming THE PLACE to find not only the latest, but the best e-books on the web for femdom stories, and their collection of offerings grows daily. So, for this week's selection of triple-digit sizzlers, I asked the webmasters at 1Erotica to suggest three titles involving the most alluring, most sexily-dominant female characters they could come up with. Click title links to view covers, read excerpts and see if you agree.

Alex Jordaine

Mark Wright is living a lie. A closet submissive, he feels unable to reveal his secret self to his wife Lauren for fear it might destroy their relationship. Instead he visits a professional dominatrix, Mistress Simone, who caters expertly to his masochistic needs. But Lauren has her own dark secret. She is having a clandestine affair with a business client, Sam Lowell. When she leaves her husband for Sam, Mark's life spirals out of control. He develops a drink problem, which leads to him being sacked from his high-flying job. As he struggles to rebuild his shattered life he dreams desperately of somehow getting Lauren to return to him.

All the cards seem to be stacked against Mark ever getting Lauren back until she discovers Sam has been doing behind her back exactly what she'd once done to her husband, and she walks out on him. She gets back in touch with Mark who finally finds the courage to admit to her he's a masochist. This leads to Lauren embarking on a personal voyage of discovery during which she at last discovers her own true self. From that point on the tension becomes almost unbearable as the story builds towards its unforgettable conclusion.

Warning: This title contains graphic language, anal sex, domination, bondage, and sadomasochism.

Dr Jane Foxx

Cassandra’s black, thigh-high boots clicked their noisy way across the floor as she moved the wooden stool to a new position. The tethered male groaned softly.

Cassandra sat comfortably again, wiggling her curvy bottom into place, and hissed, "Let's see if I can find those ultra-sensitive testicles of yours! I'm sure a little prolonged, judicious squeezing will make you pay better attention to me! Hold still until “Mommy” gets a proper handful, and then you can squirm and wiggle that cute little ass all you want. Ha ha!"

I saw Cassandra's right hand move slowly upward from between the rear of the male's naked thighs, and then she grasped tenaciously. Cassandra chuckled with satisfaction as her subject winced sharply on contact.

"Yes!" She grinned sadistically. "There's your plump little darlings! You didn't think you could hide them from me, did you?"

SJ Barellstalk

Tommy Watkins is teased, denied, milked and disciplined by the pretty women of Svenmehr College, an all women's school. Tommy cannot resist the high heels, slender legs, and short skirts of the pretty students at the College. The female teasing is real, erotic, sensual and creative. Tommy's masculine urges result in his getting into plenty of trouble and receiving plenty of appropriate punishment and discipline. The women teach him to be polite and chaste in a female world after they have teased and denied him almost into insanity.

* * *

Don't know about you, but I am cowering before these evil goddesses already. I only hope they feel these descriptions do them justice.

Yours truly,
Jack (for Jasper) McCutcheon

Saturday, June 5, 2010



I scraped his tanned neck with my needle-sharp fangs, careful not to break the skin. I closed my lips over his vulnerable jugular and felt the tempting pulse of his life’s blood beckoning to me. I kissed that very spot and made move to get up, leave him, and, thus, avoid all temptation, as well as the sun soon to flood his bedroom.

He reached out, forcefully pulled me back down with and over him, our hard masculine bodies aligned in full dual nakedness. His large and powerful hands ran their fingers up my arms, over my cheeks, into my hair, at each of my temples, to clamp down hard amongst the silky strands and lock my face into position directly over his.

“What if I could make it happen that you never had to leave me at dawn, ever again?” he asked.

I only-if smiled and said, “If pigs could fly and cabbages were kings.”

“I saw a pig fly once,” he said. “At university. Catapulted by us college boys across an entire field by means of a rubber sling.”

“And have you seen cabbages wear crowns and sit imperial thrones?” There are things in this universe possible, like flying pigs; there are things impossible, like me ever again experiencing the light of day.

“I’ll tell you what I have seen,” he said, still muscling me firmly atop him, his intense gaze still seriously locked with mine. “A long-forgotten family journal, heavy with dust, and long-gone mealy with neglect, that describes a confrontation between a long-ago ancestor of mine with one of your kind who actually walked the day.”

“Impossible!” I said. “There would have been rumors, legend … something.”

“Before yours was wooden-staked, before his lair and he were put to the flames, his secret was found and saved — his recipe for candle, chocolate wafer, chant, and aromatic scent — Nosferatu Illume — to make his day-walking possible. Will you mix wax, eat chocolate, say the chant, and dab your wrist with scent?”

Had the moment finally arrived, then, when his family’s long and ancient history of killing vampires, not loving us, kicked in; this, his final, fatal trap inherently being laid by him for me? If so, he played this vampire very well, indeed, having loved from me, in the bedroom, in our many torrid embraces, that which I desired, besides him, the very most within my very undead existence.

Exclusively From the Vampyres Draqual and Candle Artist Jfay


Used by Vlad Draqual in a secret ceremony to enable him to walk in the light of day, NOSFERATU ILLUME is a very dark and beautiful aroma of Rich Chocolate, Exotic Amber, as well as other "secret" ingredients known only by the Draqual Vampires and shared only with Candle Artist Jfay to mix this special potion.

But now you too can enjoy the secret potion for yourself ~

The Potion Necklaces and Vials are adorned in Black and Red and feature a Gothic Star Charm. (Necklace is 24" and complete with fastener.) Coffin Boxes are available for purchase with your Potion.

Be sure to read the Draqual Vampire Chronicles Book 1: SUCKS! as you await the arrival of Book 2: BLOOD ON THE BIAS due out in 2011.

A one-thousand year old, handsome, and sexy vampyre's much-in-demand blood-splattered fashion-line is strutted by blood-splattered models on blood-splattered runways in the blood-splattered abattoirs, slaughter houses, and butcher shops of the world ... as his own blood-line makes Vladymyr Draqual beloved and hated by the most powerful members of his kind.

Book #1 of The Draqual Vampyre Chronicles
William Maltese

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

1EroticaEbooks Triple-Digit Sizzlers 6-2-10

As promised, here's three hot reads for the week. Click on the title links to see cover pics and read excerpts.


As told through the weekend encounters of an obsessive young businessman, Strapped Tight provides an unabashed glimpse into the compulsive cycle of domination and fulfilled arousal of gay male coupling in the fetish-driven world of bondage. Here nonviolent, consensual sexual pleasure is attained from dominator control, the tight squeeze, and strapped entrapment and taking.

J.M. Snyder

Three years and Stefan's yet to find that certain someone who can take him to the precipice of lust, dangle him over the abyss, and shove him headlong into the darkness of his own desire. Someone who drives him to the edge but won't let him fall. Someone he can trust completely, body and soul, someone he can lose himself in. When a local gay bar called the Code hosts a fetish night, Stefan goes looking to be conquered.

There Stefan meets the man of his dreams, known only as Master. But when put to the test, can he prove himself worthy of such a man?

Claire Thompson

When Kate attends a BDSM weekend in the city, she falls too far, too fast, into an erotic submission that threatens to blow her safe little world apart. When the possibility of a loving exchange of power presents itself, will Kate find her way to the heart of submission?

There they are. Did I mix it up okay? Two M/m; one F/m and plenty of the best letters, BDSM, to kink up the works. Can your hand-helds handle it?

Yours truly,
Jack (for Jasper) McCutcheon

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Free Read McCutcheon

Do you like free erotic stories? I figured as much. Try this one out exclusively at


See what happens when mom and dad ship off their youngest to freshman year of college. See what mom does to dad once the house is theirs. See if he can still perform for her like the bound super-stud he was back when they first married.

If you've read any of my Jasper books before, or listened to any of the Jasper audios, you probably know the answer. As for the details, they're free for the taking in several electronic formats, told in about 3100 words.

Yours truly,
Jack (for Jasper) McCutcheon