Saturday, January 24, 2009

Setting Up the Love

Who says authors must be competitive with their fellow authors? Jasper's my uncle, and we frequently stroke one another for support. So great is our mutual admiration, we've decided to air it out in public.

We plan to periodically invite some of our erotic fiction author "friends" so one or the other of us can layer them with our adulation. See if they can take it. Might even open it up for them to invite some of their contemporaries to do battle. See which of them can better dispense with the ooey-gooey mush.

It's the dawn of a new age, one of bi-partisan cooperation and respect. Could bring tears. Could bring hugs and copulations. Could inspire new stories. Best of all, we will leave comments from the public wide open. Say what you will, fans of our writing, because once we've coated ourselves with the armor of adoration, what could you possibly say to hurt our feelings?

Jardonn Smith


Anonymous said...

This should be a thrill like no other, Jardonn. My important parts are already tingling.

Anonymous said...

Well, what can this frothing erotica author say? What can this frothing erotica author do -- but froth?! Ooops, seems that isn't froth after all! Where's that towel when I need it? --Anyway, sounds tremendously interesting Jardonn and Jasper and whomever else might be there in the wings (doing whatever it is you do in the wings, and in the giblets, and between those turkey thighs). W.M. (that's a clue; how smart are you? --as opposed to smart-ass?).

Anonymous said...

Knowing what I know, W.M., I doubt a towel will suffice. Perhaps a wet-vac?