Monday, March 9, 2009

Rick Reed - EPPIE Winner

Oh, great, another award, big deal. News Flash! This one is a big deal.

Last night at EPICON (stands for Electronically Published Internet Connection - Convention) in Las Vegas, the EPPIE AWARDS were presented for outstanding writing in e-book formats, and Rick R. Reed took first place in the GLBT catagory for his novel, ORIENTATION .

Published by Amber Quill Press, Rick's novel is a complex thriller of past lives, of Robert and his long-dead lover Keith, of mysterious dreams and messages channeled through a woman Robert has saved from suicide, and of Robert's current lover, Ethan, whose meth-addicted brain believes that only by destroying Robert can he save himself. It all culminates to a shattering climax in which both loves and lives hang in the balance.

You can read more of the synopsis and an excerpt at Rick's web site HERE.

Thousands of 2008 titles in this catagory alone were culled down to seven, and Rick Reed's Orientation took home the prize. If you scoff at my assertion this is important, just look at the size of Rick's humongous trophy. The smile says it all.

Good work, Mr. Reed. Bask in your glory, and know we are smiling with you and for you.

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williammaltese said...

So many of these award-giving panels so often get "it" wrong that it's always a surprise, and genuine, pleasure, when, as in this instance with Rick, they actually get it right. My heart-felt congratulations, all around!