Wednesday, May 20, 2009

S&M, B&D, and C

S&M, B&D, & C

by William Maltese

Pretty much everyone knows my penchant for writing. It seems, quite without my knowing it, I’ve become one of "the" icons of m/m literature; I’m one of the very few who apparently herald back to the Golden Age of Gay Fiction to such an extent that I’m now being found in gay-studies’ reference books, including the new one due out this summer from MLR Press, entitled what else but THE GOLDEN AGE OF GAY FICTION by scholar Wayne Gunn.

Pretty much everyone knows my penchant for leather and whips and chains and riding crops and stocks and bonds (the latter duo having nothing to do with the presently down-the-toilet-bowl economy)… In fact, I’ve been a long time devotee of S&M, B&D even before my early days of writing a series of the genre for Greenleaf Classics under my pseudo Lambert Wilhelm.

[For anyone interested in viewing the cover art of my early Greenleaf Classics, which have such become valuable collector’s items, go to:

Not everyone, though, knows my penchant for candles. I have to confess that I’m one of these people who have them lined up along the tub (either for candle-light bathing when I’m alone, or when I’m with others) … have them everywhere in the dining room for literal candle-lit dinners … have them everywhere in the bedroom for making love a genuinely unique experience (nothing like the way a naked body, including mine, looks in candlelight).

It has only been recently, though, that I’ve been able to combine my penchants for writing and candles by teaming up with artisan candle-maker Jfay, in order to have candles specially conceived and executed by her to represent specifically each of my books and short stories as they appear on the nation’s bookshelves. Jfay’s masterful renditions in wax for my Stud Draqual Mystery Series (a column of wax riddled with bullet-holes and blood) … for my Aussie adventure novel SNAKES (a coiled serpent tattooed in blue against a bright orange backdrop) …for my Draqual Vampyre Series (a candle, complete with stake and its own miniature coffin which can be seen at … for my sci-fi GERUN, THE HERETIC (grey Mithric moons) … for my serialized teen-angst novel FLICKER: TEEN WARRIOR SAGA (a whole wondrous series to fit my candle-reader story-line which can be seen at et al … have become prized additions to my ongoing candle collection.

Naturally, when I decided to return my attention to my favorite S&M/B&D by way of two books my heterosexual novel SS&M, and my collection of m/m short stories LOVE HURTS I was excited to see what Jfay could do with/for them. The former, as some of you may or may not know, is a book that lingered in a deep, dark trunk of mine, for literally decades (I thought it way too hard-core for the market), before it was brought back to light, first in serialization on our very own Jardonn Smith’s erotic web-site , and then in print publication by Wildside/Borgo Press LOVE HURTS is my more recent explorations into the world of torture and dungeons and, yes, that is I, on the cover, by way of eye-candy, wearing hardly nothing but leather straps and a gas mask in my portraiture done by John U. Abrahamson

Jfay’s wax interpretations of the former, complete with Nazi lightning-bolt SS insignias … and of the latter, by way of a black leather-like phallic-column of wax not only smelling of leather but wrapped and hung from chains … are, in my humble opinion, masterworks of the molded- wax form.

For those of you interested in what Jfay has produced for me and my work, personally, may I refer you to . For those of you interested in what Jfay has produced for others, generally, and may, if you’re lucky produce especially for you, I refer you to her .

Needless to say, I’m looking forward to seeing all of you naked and in candle-light.


AJ Llewellyn said...

Hi William, the candles are quite sexy...but I want to know who's having those baths with you? Grumble, hope you sell tons and invite me over some time!

Candle Artist Jfay said...

Thank you William, and very cool site! I'm enjoying Starship Intercourse! Well.... I suppose I should say, I'm enjoying "reading" Starship Intercourse!