Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Blood and Chocolate

by William Maltese

Excerpt from my short story Black-Candle Reader due to appear in an anthology of ghost stories due out from MLR Press later this year:

I accompany my drink with a square of Xoçai™ XoBiotic™ dark chocolate which I truly believe, what with its combination with açai and blueberries, provides antitoxic benefits that I can’t get from regular candy. It’s the difficult individual packaging of the latter that occupies enough of my attention to keep me from getting any more turned on by Jeremy’s sexual sounds. I’m unwrapping a second piece of the chocolate when he comes in, licking his cummy fingers as he’s the one who has been eating chocolate.

“You want to be super healthy, you should eat more of my cum and less candy squares,” he says Then, he snatches the piece of unwrapped chocolate from my hand and pops it into his mouth with a wide smile.

Excerpt from my THE GLUTEN-FREE WAY: MY WAY self-help and cook-book due out later this year from Wildside/Borgo Press:

As a genuine chocolate addict and advocate of over-all healthy living, I admit to having planned, from the get-go, to plug Xoçai™ chocolate, in this non-gluten book, as a dessert option or recipe chocolate-substitute option for anyone with a gluten-allergy problem — if just because I not only personally believe this particular kind of chocolate is so beneficial to my well-being, and can be to yours, but because I’m not alone in that belief, backed up by the results of scientific studies like those conducted by, Eliot Brinton, M.D., University of Utah, on blood pressure, glucose, insulin, lipids, and other risk factors that affect the cardiovascular system.

As someone with a history of Type II Diabetes in his family, I had my blood glucose levels spike dangerously high during my mother’s long period of dying from ovarian cancer when I had the weighty responsibility of being her sole care-giver. While, since her death, my glucose levels have receded, undoubtedly accountable to a lessening of stress, I still monitor my blood sugar on a regular basis. Time after time, I’ve discovered that consumption of regular chocolate can send my blood glucose above recommended levels, while consumption of the same amount of Xoçai™ chocolate keeps them confined within prescribed safety limits.

Excerpt from the upcoming Chapter #61 my novel FLICKER: TEEN-WARRIOR SAGA (teen-angst vampire, candle-reader, werewolf, witch, warlock, chimera, dragon, zombie … et al), presently being serialized on MySpace free of charge and twice a week, prior to its 2010 print publication) —

Since then, he came to look upon Rhoda’s blood as dessert, especially since she’s taken to eating Xoçai™ Chocolate. If she enjoys the natural benefits of all that antioxidant-rich açai berry and cacao which keeps her blood pressure and her blood sugar under control, where pigging out on regular chocolate would never do the same, Gregory, from first suck knew her blood was something special above and beyond the blood of all the other regulars upon whom he feasts. He knows that if he isn’t tempted to drink Rhoda’s blood now — and he isn’t — that whatever strangeness is happening to him may well be irreversible.

Her Xoçai™-laced blood is his, once again, for the taking. He can see just how it makes the large vein in her sexy bare throat pulse in open invitation for his canine teeth to dig in, for not the first time, and enjoy.

He gets up, goes not to the woman on the bed, with her warm, thick blood, but into the living room and, then, into the kitchen. He begins opening and shutting cabinet doors until he finds her cache of Xoçai™ chocolates — two boxes: XoBiotic™ Squares, dark chocolate with açai and blueberry; Xoçai™ MEGA Squares, dark chocolate with açai and orange. He begins unwrapping the small 1 x 1.8” individually wrapped squares and popping them into his mouth, one after another after another.

He can hardly believe the ecstasy of the entire undiluted-by-blood flavor suddenly exploded upon his tongue and sliding sensuously the length of his throat to his belly.

He’s still tasting the wondrous aftermath of healthy dark chocolate, açai, orange, and blueberry, later that night, at home, in his own living room, in his own easy chair, when Timothy comes in carrying a package and handing it over.

“It’s a gift to you from Melissa,” Timothy says, by way of explanation. “She was inspired by a dream and hopes you’ll know the reason why.”

The quickly discarded tissue reveals a richly dark-brown candle, dribbled with brilliant red, orange, and blue wax; it all smells deliciously of chocolate.

All of the above are indicative of my recent conversion to Xoçai Chocolate and rationale for my having once again indulged my fetish for candles by commissioning wax-artisan Jfay to provide me with her truly inspired “Blood and Chocolate” candle for my ever expanding collection:

Link to see what I'm currently munching:

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