Monday, November 2, 2009

Long Wait Over, As I ... DARE TO LOVE IN OZ

William Maltese

I hadn’t realized it was over twenty years. I mean, I’m easily bored, but twenty years of ennui is even a long time for me. What can I say, except it possibly hasn’t really been just boredom that’s kept me, until now, from returning to writing mainstream hetero adventure/ romance … as much as it has just been so many detours on my way back?

Like an actor who fears being typecast, after appearing in pretty much the same role, in a series of very successful movies, and thinks it might be to his advantage to get out of an assumed rut, I have to confess that my success in the 80s in writing very popular and internationally best-selling mainstream hetero adventure/ romance novels had me, at the finish of my ninth such book, thinking it was time for me to move on.

As with the actor, out for a change, I had people constantly asking me, at the time, “Why check out on such a good thing that you have going for you?” The truth, though, was that I was tapped out of subject matter and — with the exception of the sweet romance, HEART ON FIRE, that I wrote in 2007 — I’ve published 30 other novels, since then, without straying back into those very successful early stomping grounds. Until now, that is!

Maybe it was my being back in Australia. Maybe it was the seminar I attended there on that continent’s indigenous plethora of poisonous flora and fauna. Maybe it was my adventures experiencing the grit and grime of hunting for opals in the outback. Maybe it was the scare of being engulfed so completely within the rampaging miasma of a horrendous Oz sandstorm. Maybe it was the love of a good woman. Whatever, I suddenly had the undeniable urge, once again, to venture back into mainstream hetero adventure/romantic fiction, and I did just that. Thank God, finding a publisher was as easy as finding welcoming loyal fans eager for my return.

My DARE TO LOVE IN OZ will be out later this month from Savant Books. Look for it. Buy it. And, hopefully, enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

At least for the moment, until boredom sets in again, or until I’ve been tapped out of ideas, I’m enjoying my return to a still-remembered and exciting-once-again familiar landscape.

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Candle Artist Jfay said...

Awesome William!! Looking forward, and also excited to be making a special OZ "INSPIRED" Candle for this one as well!