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DRAQUAL Vampyres

From THE VAMPYRE, VLAD DRAQUAL (writing as William Maltese),

Vampyres in Fashion
Second Book of the Draqual Vampyre Chronicles


…unnatural … obscene … taboo … forbidden … condemned …

… between Vlad Draqual, vampyre, and Roman Bonton, vampire killer ….

…convention defied! Blood shed! Disaster and heart-break in the making?

—From the Journal of Vlad Draqual, February 2010.

My Darkness Walks the Light moment is a long time in coming. I’ve beenkept from it twice. Once in being held captive by the vampire-hunters Familia Polinsturau in their mountain-crest citadel at Bolungova. Once by the Vampire Stephen Maru who wished to extract from me the secret of Ecstaçē Melange.

Therefore,I’ve had sufficient time to prepare and make sure all the necessary pieces are in place to make this happen, now, according to prescribed formulae.

I’ve commissioned from the wax artisan Jfay the Darkness Walks the Light candle, scented with chocolate, vanilla, amber, and with the other “secret” ingredients given her from my long-gathered cache.

I have Montezuma’s golden goblet stolen from Spain’s Prado museum andused in the Darkness Walks the Light incantation by Taxtla Draqual, during the Great Conflict that required the Trogolodyte be summoned from his deep and light-starved cave to slay the conquistador Romero Candiz.

I have the estate-bottled DRAQUAL 2005BV Cabernet Sauvignon whose grapes, in that year, were of just the right acidity and have been jealously hoarded by Family Draqual for just such a moment.

I have the chocolate wafers, easier made these days with Xoçai® than they were in other times when I would have had to traipse South American jungles and slow-cook the cocao on my own.

I have Guardellico Guardellian’s text, Astron/Astrol Primo Factoro, which confirms that all the planets and constellations are properly aligned.

Finally, from the bookshelf, I have the all-important last-but-not-least Grimoire Xylenona, its pages opened to the Darkness Walks the Light ritual recitation.

I begin the incantation: “Nosferatu illume…”

I eat the chocolate wafer; my sudden ability to retain solids not to be sustained beyond the ceremony.

I drink the wine; my sudden ability to imbibe liquid, other than blood, not to be retained beyond the ceremony.

I light the wick of the candle.

And, as a result, I, Vlad Draqual, vampyre, after many centuries of existing only within the darkness, am finally able, at least for awhile, to stalk the daylight hours without the usual disastrous consequences.


Created by Candle Artist Jfay as per the specific instructions given to her
from Vlad Draqul as written in the Grimoire of Xlyenona, the DARKNESS
WALKS THE LIGHT CANDLE is a spell-binding vision to behold. Layered in
Red, Black, White, and Brown waxes with the inside filled with pieces
in White, the candle must be burned in order for the light to escape
and for the Vampyre to be able to walk in the light of day.

The Scent is also a spell from the Grimoire of Xlyenona, called NOSFERATU
ILLUME, and is a special blend of Chocolate, Vanilla, Amber and other
Secret Essential Oils and Spices.

You too can have your very own DARKNESS WALKS THE LIGHT CANDLE, which can
only be made by Jfay with permission from the Vampyres DRAQUAL.


Used by Vlad Draqual in his DARKNESS WALKS THE LIGHT Secret Ritual

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