Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Burlington Northern-Santa Fe Today

The Burlington Northern-Santa Fe Railway has made a concerted effort to preserve the heritage of both railroads, incorporating the design of the Santa Fe logo with colors of gold and black, orange and green (an homage to the Great Northern RR).

The paint schemes are in fact named Heritage 1, 2 & 3. The blue and gold of the Santa Fe is still used, as is the aforementioned War Bonnet scheme, with BNSF replacing the words Santa Fe.

Old landscapes fade away to be replaced by the new, but the people who run the railroads are the same. Regardless of the weather, they maintain the rail lines, rolling stock and locomotive power to deliver coal for our electrical power plants and commodities to fuel the country. Guess that's why I have a special fondness for railroads, railroading and railroaders.

As further proof of my interest, the Santa Fe RR plays an important role in one of my upcoming books, so I will next deconstruct the BNSF. I'll go back in time to tell of the mergers that resulted in the railroad we see today. 

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