Sunday, April 19, 2009

William Maltese - Starship Intercourse 3

William's whipping out part three of...


They’d fucked on the way back to the test area after a briefing in Section C. They later told everyone their car had broke down. But everyone — including Susan, who couldn’t wait to hear all about it — knew what kept the two from checking in on schedule.

Buzz had parked the car, leaning over for a kiss, and Patricia’s hand had strayed to his thigh. What she felt there, running down almost to his knee, made all her inhibitions vanish. It was big. It was thick. It was ten inches. Her cunt was already leaking for it, and Buzz understood her hand’s continual caress of his cock to be an affirmative answer to his unasked question (which, in truth, it was).

“I’ve a blanket in the trunk,” he said. “The car is too damned cramped even for necking.”

The way he said “even for necking” let Patricia know he, as well as she, had a lot more in mind than a few kisses. She also noticed how he reached into the glove compartment for a tube of lubricant before they got out. That she pretended not to notice assured him he was going to get his desired piece of ass.

It hadn’t taken either of them long to get undressed, Patricia audibly gasping at the sight of the tool upraised between Buzz’s legs. She doubted he’d ever get something so big inside her if he didn’t slop the damned thing with gallons of lubricant. She’d begun wishing he’d brought a much larger tube (of the latter).

Buzz noticed her apprehension at seeing his monstrous dork unsheathed and wasted little time in crawling between her legs. He gripped his cock and slipped its bulbous wet head smoothly along the mouth of her slit, stopping only long enough to smear his prick with cream from the tube.

He gathered one of her tits in his mouth, sucking and nibbling at its flesh. Patricia felt her nipple turn hard as he attempted swallowing it. Her pussy was leaking with the feel of his cock against its outer rim. He hadn’t even attempted to shove home yet. He wanted to make sure her hole was wet enough to take each and ever stiff inch of his pecker. The wetter she became, the more likely that full submersion was likely to occur.

Finally, he was ready, and he prayed she was, too. His cockhead pressed just inside the warmth of her dripping cunt hole. He paused, but only momentarily, before pushing his blood-engorged dick into her slot. Pussy walls yielded beneath the onslaught, folding back to let his battering ram push home along slick corridors: penis head and shaft violated her inner sanctum.

Patricia felt the fire his hard and bulky dick ignited up her cunt and how her pussy walls concaved to accept the phallic intruder. Her cunt trembled uncontrollably. She groaned.

“Buzz?” she asked weakly, not knowing what else to say. The heat in her cunt flamed higher as inch after inch of his prick buried inside her until it was submerged to Buzz’s big hairy balls. His hirsute scrotum pooled atop her upturned ass.

She felt weak, as if her breath had been taken away, as if his prick had been a pin, so long that it stuck her to her lungs, puncturing them.

“Easy, baby, easy,” he whispered in her ear. “You have it all … every inch.”

“All?” Patricia asked. She had difficulty realizing the reality of her feat. All? My God, how could I have actually taken it all?

She experienced the pleasure and the pain of his largess, digging her fingernails into his back, pleased that he muttered pain at her scratching.

His cock ballooned bigger within her, teased to new greatness by the increased friction caused by the rubbing of his penis against her juicy cuntal membranes. His hands reached underneath her, cradling her ass, pushing the moue of her pussy slit up closer about the base of his monstrous prick.

“It’ll be good, baby,” he promised; his inches slowly pulled out, his inches slowly slipped back in. “It’ll be really … really …really good.”

Patricia could tell it would be good, too. She’d been fucked enough times to know the beginnings of a good screw from a bad one. This one was one good poke. She had no doubts whatsoever that it was going to get even better.

Although, as he progressed to fuck even more in earnest, there were times she thought she was being torn apart with each violent plunge; the pleasure, though, always, far overshadowed any of her pain.

Buzz’s fingertips worked into the crease of her ass, finding the pucker of her asshole within the valley of her ass-cheeks. He spread the entrance, inserting a finger into her funky rear hole. She lifted her hips in a reflexive attempt to dislodge his finger, burying, as she did so, all ten inches of his dick up her ravaged snatch. Falling back downward, her ass sucked up his finger to its second knuckle.

“Oh, God!” she mumbled at the double violation of her body. “Oh, Jesus God.”

Buzz’s cock pulled out to its slippery head, then instantly plugged back full-depth. Like a locomotive and its cars, the train of his prick pushed up her front tunnel. He fucked her. God, how it fucked her. His balls frantically banged her butt before finally bunching up against the base of his cock in preparation for shooting his spermal discharge.

His finger up her ass felt his cock on the other side of a thin, separating membrane. The sensation of feeling his own pumping prong inside her pushed him even closer to the brink of orgasm.

His drilled her all of the way possible — hard. His cock throbbed. His body tensed. His nuts let go his creamy load and sent it far … far … far … up her acceptingly vacuuming hole.

She screamed her pleasure, ramming and grinding her hips into his lower belly, raking his back with her fingernails, biting his neck until she tasted his blood on her tongue.


Anonymous said...

Hey, Maltese! Do you know how many times I've been called the phallic intruder? How many requests I've received to bring lube with me when I come over?

It ain't easy carrying around this burden with me all the time. Then again, it's never lonely, either.

Your pal,
Jasper McCutcheon

williammaltese said...

Hey, Jasper. You've been called the phallic intruder ten-thousand-five-hundred-and-ninety-six times. As for lube, everyone knows your dick leaks enough of the natural pre-cum so that you usually don't need tube-lube even for that monster tool of yours. I always look forward to joining you and the other guys and gals on those Crisco-slicked rubber sheets. --My best to your nephew. --William.

Jasper McCutcheon said...

Wrong! It's now ten-thousand-five-hundred-and-ninety-five times. One this past weekend rescinded and instead called me "get the fuck outta my house" or some-such. Can't remember... too drunk.

Anywhose. Didn't somebody tell you we stopped using Crisco several years ago? Now it's Canola Oil. You'll have to join us again, William. It's been way too long (which leads us back to the phallic intruder business).