Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Erotic Crux

Since my first self-published Jasper McCutcheon book, The Crux of It -- Erotic Tales of Men on the Cross and the Women Who Put Them There, seemed to garner some interest amongst folks who are in to erotic crucifixion, I thought I'd submit one of the three stories to an e-book publisher for consideration. Each of the three is unique in storyline and setting, with the common subject that at least one man (most times several) is hanging naked from a cross with his handsome pecker ripe for the sucking. I chose the longest of the three and sent it to an e-publisher.

Their reply was that my story was more funny than erotic, which of course could be interpreted in at least two ways. Maybe it was their polite way of saying my story was a joke; or perhaps they didn't think sharp wit and smart-alecky humor had any place in a tale of sex. Either way, I like it when my main man, Pete Radcliffe, has the balls to toss out humorously insulting quips, even when he's bound and naked and enduring interrogations of female hands, lips, tongues and twats. I figured I'd just keep submitting the damn thing until somebody out there got what I was trying to do.

Lo and behold, an angel appeared via my inbox. A man representing 1RomanceEBooks asked if I'd like to post a story or two for purchase on his brand-new E-Book site. "Hell, yes!" typed I, and I got busy making a book cover for my Black Pouch Crusader. Here's the Viewing and Purchase Link.

Now, part two. You will find a text excerpt at the site, but I prefer audio excerpts using my Jasper McCutcheon voice, and there's one free for the listening on my Jardonn's Erotic Tales site. Link to the page is HERE, and the title is Love on a Rack.

So, all you hero worshipers out there, hear the audio, and then buy my E-book. Am I being too subtle in my purpose?

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