Monday, September 14, 2009

Giving It Away

Looks like a book cover, doesn't it? WRONG! It's a banner announcing two things: the launch of a new web site; and a ton of free stuff you could win as a result. Not crappy stuff, but useful items like books, clothing, and dazzling candles made by the talented mistress of wax, Jfay.

It's her web site featuring her custom-made designs of book-themed, scented candles, and to celebrate its beginnings she's lined up a ton of freebies which you could win simply by entering at the new site.

Here's the address:
Here's the page with details for entry, dates of the drawings, and the list with pictures of prizes.
Now, I know you men would love a pair of boxers inviting those who see them to SUCK. And what woman wouldn't enjoy expressing BITE ME to her lover by way of a sexy thong? Those are just two of the items you'll find out of the 16 drawings, and they begin October 16, running through Halloween.
Jfay will begin accepting your entries tomorrow, September 15, 2009, so click on over to the Wick'd Reads site and give yourself a chance to be happy.

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