Friday, July 10, 2009

Excerpt from Dark Robe Edges: Dark Robe Society 2

From The Edge of Desperation anthology

By Jason Edding

Toren laughed. “You can eat me, just don’t take any big bites.” He raised his ass off the cold metal floor, anticipating his lover’s next move. Tees of course had been planning that very thing.

He pulled Toren's pants down until his fully erect cock sprang free. In the coolness of the cabin, his hairy balls were shrunken tightly against his body. That could be remedied, Tees thought, giving the sac a luscious lick.

“I suppose you’ve measured this beauty?” Tees asked. Hadn’t every man?

“No, I never thought it mattered,” Toren replied. He raised his ass further off the floor, and made his cock jerk without touching it. “Does it?” Toren was teasing him.

Tees shook his head. “It’s... beautiful. Let me show you.” He kissed the head, moving his wet lips around the circumference, then closed his mouth around it, going down until his chin pressed against Toren’s cooler ball sac. Toren moaned and even though his cock was fully engulfed, he pushed further, his eyes closing in ecstasy.

He had put his hands on Tees’ head at some point. Arching his back, he pushed his cock deeper into the inviting mouth. Tees looked at him, then let the cock fall from his lips.

“Do you have something in mind?” Tees grasped Toren’s cock in his hand and tongued the shaft, watching his face contort with quiet bliss.

Toren bit his lower lip as Tees moved up the head to tease it. “We probably... don’t have much time. Ahh, tickle the slit. Drives me wild.”

“I know,” Tees replied, between slow tantalizing flicks with the tip of his tongue.

“Fuck me,” he said bluntly. “It could be the last time.” He craned his neck and looked toward the cockpit window. “I see the glow of Earth light is getting brighter.”

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