Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Just a little something I'm working on.

No Title
by Jason Edding

I told Adrian I had a surprise for him if he would spend the weekend with me. It was just nine months since we'd graduated high school and he was a week from going off to college. I had even tried getting him to put that off for another year, but he was wishy-washy.

When he finally came over to my apartment, I had the lights lowered, the curtains closed and a triple X-rated gay porn movie going. One guy was busy slurping and sucking his buddies asshole like there'd be no tomorrow. Little did Adrian know that was exactly why I asked him to spend a couple of days with me. There were two things we hadn't done yet, sex wise. Fuck each other in the ass and lick each other in the ass. I had every intention of doing both, more the latter, and trying to convince him to hang around another year. Maybe my tongue up his asshole would do the trick.

I let him get comfortable in the living room. It wouldn't be hard since his eyes were glued to the tv. I had no doubt his pants were down and his fist clamped around his cock, pounding off. He knew better than to come though. I finished putting the last touches on the pizza. Diced green bell peppers and sausage pieces. I began humming to myself and thinking of what would happen soon. I wondered if he'd freak out when I offered to rim his asshole. We'd just barely talked about it before, but he was sort of skittish about ass play. I wasn't, but I sensed his trepidations and kept my desires to myself.

I tossed the pizza in the oven, pushed down my hard on and went and joined Adrian. Sure enough, his pants were down around his ankles and he was slowly pulling on his prick. I flashed him a smile and sat down next to him. Adrian leaned against me, but didn't look away from the scene on the screen. The blond guy was sucking hard on his friends asshole and I wanted to do the same to Adrian. I just had doubts at what he'd say when I asked him if I could lick his asshole. I didn't want to just lick his anus. I wanted to devour it. I wanted to push my tongue inside his asshole and suck it hard. My cock was raging as these thoughts flooded my mind.

I didn't want to fuck around and play coy though. He was still stroking his cock slowly, his eyes unblinking on the screen. I laid my hand on his bare thigh and squeezed. “So, that's pretty hot, huh?”

Adrian nodded his head, but didn't look away from the screen. “Yeah,” he finally said. He licked his lips and slid down into the couch a bit.

“Yeah, I've been wanting to try that sometime, actually.” I couldn't believe I managed to spit that out. My heart was thumping so hard in my chest as soon as I did, I thought for sure he could hear it.

He looked at me then, kinda cocked his head, swallowed hard, then went back to watching.
I decided to press my luck. “Yeah, I mean, with a friend I know, it wouldn't be too bad.” I shrugged for affect. “How bad could it be?” I chuckled, but it was forced.

Adrian shrugged now and let go of his cock. He stretched and slid down a bit more, spreading his legs as he did. “I dunno, depends I guess.” He pointed at the action going on. “Did those guys take a bath first?” He gave me a half grin. I noticed his face was flushed too.

I shrugged hard. “Well, if you look at it like it's real, they're probably friends, right?” I swallowed hard now. I rubbed Adrian's thigh up and down. “Friends, it shouldn't matter too much.” I bit my lip.

Adrian stared at me wide-eyed. “You're serious?”

“Sure,” I said. “I know you better than anyone. I wouldn't mind licking your ass.” I grinned wide.

Adrian's eyes got wider and he leaned closer. “Really?”

I nodded firmly. “Surprised?”

“Yeah, a little I guess.” He sat back and played with his balls, which were loose in the heat. The room felt like it was a sauna. He sat up then and said, “I haven't had a shower since yesterday morning, you know.”

I smiled and shrugged. “I don't care.” I stood up and pulled down my pants and underwear. My hard cock popped free and I turned so he could see it. “I'll lick your asshole anyway.”
Adrian looked at my cock. “But what about me?” I knew what he meant. We had always reciprocated in all the sex we'd had.

“You don't have to do it.” I said, frankly. I hadn't taken a shower for a couple days.

Adrian slowly smiled, then bowed his head a moment. He looked up quickly. “Well, what if I want to?” He grinned with all his teeth.

It was my turn to go wide-eyed. I thought he was joking. “Are you shitting me?” I knew that was an interesting choice of words, but I only realized it after I said it.

He laughed, then fell back and raised his feet in the air. “Pull these off!”

I snatched his pants and underwear and pulled, then flung them behind me somewhere. He raised his feet higher and spread his legs, exposing his asshole to me.

“Well?” He rubbed his asshole with the fingers of his right hand. “Gonna lick my asshole?” He grinned.

I didn't hesitate, but knelt on the cushion and held his legs. I lowered my head and buried my nose in his ball sac first. I inhaled his scent, then moved down until my nose was right above his asshole. I inhaled deeply through my nose, taking in the smell of his ass. Sweat and other things assaulted me, but it was a good assault. I buried my nose between his ass cheeks, then pushed my tongue against his moist asshole, tasting him immediately.

“Whoa.” Adrian said. He closed his eyes and arched his back. “Fuck, that's nice.”

I smiled, but he couldn't see it, as my face was hidden by his ass. I didn't want to speak then anyway, but went to work tonguing his asshole. The taste was incredible and it wasn't just the flavor of sweat. It was so hot, my cock felt like it was going to snap. I pushed my tongue into his asshole, harder, harder, until my tongue went inside. Adrian moaned when I did this and it only made me want to push my tongue inside his asshole even deeper.


Maurya said...

Ummmmm, is it hot in here? Where's my fan and cold drink...whew! Very nice, Jason....more please*grin*

Jardonn Smith said...

Oh, man, Jason! That is one fine substitute for boring old pizza, regardless of toppings.

Thanks for posting, and now that you're a Frother, you can share Adrian's ass with us anytime you please.

H said...

Are you blushing, Jason?

I'm chiming in with Moreoya *g*
We definitely need to see/read/hear more from these two!
Cheers :)

williammaltese said...

And didn't I know that you'd fit right in here, as easily as that tongue fit right in there.