Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Twilight's Last Gleaming

Twilight might be a visual feast, but reading vampire erotica can stimulate for countless moons to come. 1EroticaEbooks has got the vampires you're looking for, and here are three picks for our weekly sizzlers. Click title links for info and excerpts.

Elliott Mabeuse

Naked from the waist up, she was aware only of his eyes now, and of something he saw inside her, of a part of her she’d always been dimly aware of but that now lit up so that it obscured something else. It was a secret of hers—something her grandmother had told her, and she felt it now under the vampire’s eyes with starling clarity, a memory from twenty years ago. She smelled the old woman’s powder, saw the fussy wallpaper in the room, and felt once again a child’s frightened and impatient emotions as her grandmother pressed something into her hands, and told her to keep it, keep it and learn it. Remember it, for it was hers, only hers. And she had, and now Szandor was here for it. It had been real and her grandmother had been right. Szandor was here for it and she had it for him, waiting, waiting all these years…

And then it was gone and Szandor Arnyak had her in his arms, his hands at the belt of her skirt.

Oh God, Szandor wait! I can’t just do it like this! Like an animal, like a common whore. There has to be some respect, some tenderness—”

But he wasn't listening. He had her skirt open, the belt, the zipper in the back, the top pushed down, For his size and his power he worked with incredible grace and finesse, his fingers barely touching her, and with a deft sweep of his hand, her skirt and slip were gone and she was lying there on the sunken bed in stockings, panties and garters, still arguing with him though the conversation had long since been decided.

No, he said finally, silencing her. He stared directly into her eyes, and his eyes were glowing. “For this you are my whore, Lydia. You are precisely a whore for me!”

Alexander Renault

Cuthbert is an immortal, gay, and sexually ravenous member of the undead.

Historically accurate, Soul Kiss tells an enthralling story set against backdrops of differing cultures from ancient Egypt to the Greco-Roman era, from medieval Cornwall to Civil War Philadelphia, as Cuthbert searches for identity through erotic pleasure. From musings on existential questioning to the value of immortality itself, Renault guides his reader through a gripping maze of passion, lust, and sexual obsession. The tale of Cuthbert’s journey ends in modern America at a dwelling on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean. After a series of emotionally empty sexual encounters, Cuthbert must face the truth of what he has for so long been searching -- who he is and what it means to be both gay and immortal. The renowned contemporary poet Antler says Alexander Renault's work shows a "heightened eros awareness." We think you'll agree.

Max Griffin

Gabe can't keep up with his lover, Luke. Athletic and driven, Luke planned their holiday camping on Slain's Peak. Gabe, sensitive and quiet, hoped for a week of hot sex under the stars. But nothing on the vacation turns out as intended. From Gabe's hidden drug use, to an unexpected snowstorm, to a sudden illness that befalls Luke, it's a disaster. When all seems lost, a mystery man appears from nowhere and rescues the two, leading them to his home in the depths of the mountain. That's when the dark mysteries lurking in Slain's Peak surface, and everything changes forever for the two lovers.

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