Wednesday, June 2, 2010

1EroticaEbooks Triple-Digit Sizzlers 6-2-10

As promised, here's three hot reads for the week. Click on the title links to see cover pics and read excerpts.


As told through the weekend encounters of an obsessive young businessman, Strapped Tight provides an unabashed glimpse into the compulsive cycle of domination and fulfilled arousal of gay male coupling in the fetish-driven world of bondage. Here nonviolent, consensual sexual pleasure is attained from dominator control, the tight squeeze, and strapped entrapment and taking.

J.M. Snyder

Three years and Stefan's yet to find that certain someone who can take him to the precipice of lust, dangle him over the abyss, and shove him headlong into the darkness of his own desire. Someone who drives him to the edge but won't let him fall. Someone he can trust completely, body and soul, someone he can lose himself in. When a local gay bar called the Code hosts a fetish night, Stefan goes looking to be conquered.

There Stefan meets the man of his dreams, known only as Master. But when put to the test, can he prove himself worthy of such a man?

Claire Thompson

When Kate attends a BDSM weekend in the city, she falls too far, too fast, into an erotic submission that threatens to blow her safe little world apart. When the possibility of a loving exchange of power presents itself, will Kate find her way to the heart of submission?

There they are. Did I mix it up okay? Two M/m; one F/m and plenty of the best letters, BDSM, to kink up the works. Can your hand-helds handle it?

Yours truly,
Jack (for Jasper) McCutcheon

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