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I scraped his tanned neck with my needle-sharp fangs, careful not to break the skin. I closed my lips over his vulnerable jugular and felt the tempting pulse of his life’s blood beckoning to me. I kissed that very spot and made move to get up, leave him, and, thus, avoid all temptation, as well as the sun soon to flood his bedroom.

He reached out, forcefully pulled me back down with and over him, our hard masculine bodies aligned in full dual nakedness. His large and powerful hands ran their fingers up my arms, over my cheeks, into my hair, at each of my temples, to clamp down hard amongst the silky strands and lock my face into position directly over his.

“What if I could make it happen that you never had to leave me at dawn, ever again?” he asked.

I only-if smiled and said, “If pigs could fly and cabbages were kings.”

“I saw a pig fly once,” he said. “At university. Catapulted by us college boys across an entire field by means of a rubber sling.”

“And have you seen cabbages wear crowns and sit imperial thrones?” There are things in this universe possible, like flying pigs; there are things impossible, like me ever again experiencing the light of day.

“I’ll tell you what I have seen,” he said, still muscling me firmly atop him, his intense gaze still seriously locked with mine. “A long-forgotten family journal, heavy with dust, and long-gone mealy with neglect, that describes a confrontation between a long-ago ancestor of mine with one of your kind who actually walked the day.”

“Impossible!” I said. “There would have been rumors, legend … something.”

“Before yours was wooden-staked, before his lair and he were put to the flames, his secret was found and saved — his recipe for candle, chocolate wafer, chant, and aromatic scent — Nosferatu Illume — to make his day-walking possible. Will you mix wax, eat chocolate, say the chant, and dab your wrist with scent?”

Had the moment finally arrived, then, when his family’s long and ancient history of killing vampires, not loving us, kicked in; this, his final, fatal trap inherently being laid by him for me? If so, he played this vampire very well, indeed, having loved from me, in the bedroom, in our many torrid embraces, that which I desired, besides him, the very most within my very undead existence.

Exclusively From the Vampyres Draqual and Candle Artist Jfay


Used by Vlad Draqual in a secret ceremony to enable him to walk in the light of day, NOSFERATU ILLUME is a very dark and beautiful aroma of Rich Chocolate, Exotic Amber, as well as other "secret" ingredients known only by the Draqual Vampires and shared only with Candle Artist Jfay to mix this special potion.

But now you too can enjoy the secret potion for yourself ~

The Potion Necklaces and Vials are adorned in Black and Red and feature a Gothic Star Charm. (Necklace is 24" and complete with fastener.) Coffin Boxes are available for purchase with your Potion.

Be sure to read the Draqual Vampire Chronicles Book 1: SUCKS! as you await the arrival of Book 2: BLOOD ON THE BIAS due out in 2011.

A one-thousand year old, handsome, and sexy vampyre's much-in-demand blood-splattered fashion-line is strutted by blood-splattered models on blood-splattered runways in the blood-splattered abattoirs, slaughter houses, and butcher shops of the world ... as his own blood-line makes Vladymyr Draqual beloved and hated by the most powerful members of his kind.

Book #1 of The Draqual Vampyre Chronicles
William Maltese

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